Sizes And Uses

2 Inch Pizza Base – Our 2″ pizza bases are a perfect bite size canape for function menus or bar snacks.

6- 8 Inch Pizza Base – Our 6″ or 8″ pizza bases make a perfect children’s meal. Simply top with diced ham and pineapple and you have yourself a classic kids favourite. 4 slices

8-9 Inch Thick Pizza Bases – 8″ or 9″ Thick pizza bases are a great alternative to garlic breads…simply top with garlic butter and cheese and you have an in expensive yet tasty garlic bread substitute that every one will enjoy. 6-8 slices

10 Inch Pizza Base – Our 10″ Pizza Base is our best seller! It is a perfect plate size meal for one. 8 slices

11-12″ Inch Pizza Base – Our 11 or 12″ Pizza Bases are great for a larger style meal. Could be sold as a ‘Family Pizza’ or a meal to share.

Pizza Slabs – Slabs are perfect for window displays as counter meals or to use on ‘Special Nights’, or as easy lunch specials.

Dough Balls – Dough Balls are great for rolling out yourself and making pizza on a raw dough. Great for if you want to use raw dough but don’t want the hassle of making it. They are ideal for wood fire ovens.

Various Square Pizza Base – Sick of the normal round pizza, try something new … it is hip to be square.

Roasted Pizza Garlic Crust – Our Garlic cursts are a perfect substitute for garlic breads. They can be sold for much more and are easier to prepare then the conventional breads. They can also be used as herb, bacon and sweet chill, bruscett and mushroom and fetta crusts

Featured Product

Frozen Dough Ball Range

A MUST for all kitchens: – Low cost – High profit – Easy to use – Tastes great